The Mother

"The Mother of Cypherpunk Fantasies,

brilliant artists, but a bit quirky"

The Mother of Cypherpunk Fantasies is the name of a collaboration between visual artist Ylva Molitor-Gärdsell, and entrepreneur Carl Gärdsell. Mother and son. The painter and the cypherpunk creating Crypto Art.

Ylva, a business woman that recognised her inner emotions and became an artist, mostely use watercolour and gouache. Painting is her approach to life. Carl, a gamer with a background from financial services,  is today focusing on a start-up company building tools for developers on the Ethereum Blockchain, as well as running the largest blockchain group in Sweden. Carl has a deep interest in the crypto world, currencies and the actual story.

As Carl shared the story of the new technology driven crypto world order, Ylva realized a new art environment would also emerge. A world where crypto, the hidden vault of information, the secret chamber of ideas, could release imagination and creativity with no central dominating authority. The Mother of Cypherpunk Fantasies is an art initiative to unchain the controlling power of old professional influencers, the so called art cognoscenti - the people who know and control. This includes art critiques, journalists, professional art buyers, museums, media and other art controllers. Now with the emergence of the crypto universe - the art world can gain more inspiration to be free.

The Mother of Cypherpunk is mixing painting with storytelling. Carl tells the story, Ylva visualize it through her paintings by using gouache painted directly on wind paperboard. Gouache is  a medium with characteristics of both acrylic and watercolor, but is neither. It has it's own quality and it can be used to create vibrant, luminous works of art and suits well for expressions with high energy. Wind paperboard, used as building material with the purpose to insulate, is an exciting material to paint on. It is black, a bit stiff and often large in scope. The combination of gouache and wind paperboard is the perfect medium for Crypto Art.

Crypto Art is a technology and digital money inspired art initiative. No control, quality, continuous flow, blocks, forks, the unknown, no government authority are some of the ingrediants that inspire the artists expression. The mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto is another inspiration. The new world order, always in order, but with no central authority.


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Crypto Art is an initiative inspired by the emerging crypto universe. A new world order, always in order, but with no central authority. The art on this site is created by the Mother of Cypherpunk Fantasies,   

Österlen - Sweden

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