Each art work has it own unique story inspired by the expanding

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the flippening, crypto art österlen


The real flippening (often mistaken for internal crypto-flippenings) is an event in which cryptocurrencies replace fiat, when money is controlled by the laws of mathematics and not by the laws of men. This painting represents the force amassing behind cryptocurrencies in the form of an iceberg. The world is about to be shaken.

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forking, crypto art österlen


There has for a long time been a split in opinion and ideology in the Bitcoin network, almost at a religious level. This picture is a representation of the Bitcoin community that has faced an intense internal battle for the last few years. The picture shows faces that look outwards seeking new ways to fork the chain in search of their preferred outcome.

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the genisis block, crypto art österlen


The Genesis Block is the first block of a blockchain, it represents the first life infused into Bitcoin. The canvas embeds the genesis block hash. It is inspired by ancient cave paintings, which like Bitcoin have proven to be resilient and immutable.

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forked, crypto art


The point at which the blockchain is forked into new branches of differing protocols. Some see forks as a form of disease, others see it as a necessary evolutionary process where market forces determine the outcome. Both are portrayed in this picture.

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ethereum ice age, crypto art


The Ethereum Ice Age is an initiative to increase the incentive for people to move from an energy intensive consensus mechanism (Proof-of-Work) to one that is more environmentally friendly (Proof-of-Stake). It is dubbed the ice age as a difficulty time bomb targets the old chain making it less profitable to mine and slower to use. It is yet to be seen if Proof-of-Stake will ever work and whether the Ice Age will lead to a meaningful change.

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the mempool, crypto art österlen


This painting represents the mountain of transactions that fall into limbo while waiting to be verified by the miners. It is an everchanging landscape made of visitors that await their next journey. Some stay briefly for seconds or minutes, some stay for hours or days, some are never verified and instead return to from where they came. The transaction ID shown in the painting is the one used to purchase the two famous pizzas for 10,000 BTC.

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pumps & dump birds, crypto art österlen


In crypto there is no lack of people attempting to scam others through methods such as building false hype or manipulating price movements. The birds in this picture portray the classic pump & dump groups that flock together on dodgy Telegram channels to organize coordinated market pumps. It is hard to tell who is the king pin of the bunch,  whether you are truly on the inside of the game, or if you are being mislead by the chatty flock of little birds and their fake news.

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satoshi nakamoto, crypto art österlen


Out of the ruins of the financial crisis came the anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto with a whitepaper and a piece of code that offered the potential to change society – he called it Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a form of money that removes the need for a central party allowing it to be censorship resistant and decentralized. In the right part of  the painting one can detect a goldish shadow symbolizing  the elusive inventor of the digital currency.

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proof-of-art, crypto art österlen


Proof-of-Work is the consensus algorithm that currently secures the Bitcoin network and several other public blockchains. It expends CPU power to solve mathematical problems. This picture shows the view of a man looking for an oasis in a vast desert, a metaphor to describe the process. Like Proof-of-Work, the oasis is a mirage, it is a shifting target that moves approximately every 10 minutes when you try to reach it. As more people attempt to look for the oasis, the desert expands. Sometimes you get lucky.

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digital gold rush, crypto art österlen


From the early start as outcasts, ridiculed and loathed by the establishment around the world, the digital currencies are making their way into the societies that laughed at them. Loved by some, feared by others. Accepted by some, forbidden by some. A gold rush where greed and fear rules, where speculation runs rampant. The 21st century Klondyke fever. This painting symbolizes the digital gold flowing from the universe, slowly taking over.

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new world order, crypto art österlen


There is always a bad reaction when change is introduced. Cryptocurrencies is that change to the old world order, it will not be embraced by all. This bottom half of this painting represents the old corrupt system drowning in itself as it seeks to stagnate progression in the best interest of iteself. The top represents a new system, perhaps not perfect, but a path forward out of the old. A powerful clash of societal structures shows that it is worth it.

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tumbling pillars, crypto art österlen


The political and financial structures have during the industrial revolution been heavily intertwined. Politicians have depended on the support from financial institustions, and vice versa.  Although both parties have created major catastrophies (e.g. war, financial crisis) they have always covered for each other.  The ordinary man has always paid the bill, not the banks.  Now with emergence of the crypto universe, the  institutions are scared to lose their power, gold, and ability to rule the common man. The old pillars are tumbling, their bones are all that will remain.

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Looking down upon the ocean you can see a whale full of Ethereum navigating its way through the ecosystem of exchanges. A whale is a trader considered to have the immense resources required to significantly affect the prices of the crypto markets. With their sheer size they roam freely and rule the oceans amongst all the small fish. Respected or hated, this painting had to be painted.

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the blockchain, crypto art österlen


The Blockchain is one part of the infrastructure needed that allows us to build censorship resistant applications where no one party can arbitrarily control or change the rules of the game. Hence users can't be discriminated based on their race, religion, or age, or even their humanity. The mother envisioned the blocks as suburbs with lots of small houses where transactions lived. Only so many houses can fit in a suburb, so when demand increases so does the rent (miners fee).

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Some words on the buzzword "blockchain"...

The corporate world is trying to use blockchain technology in ways that fit them. They try to take parts of it that they like, and remove parts they don’t like. Usually their business models focus on using blockchain as a tool to provide cost-savings. A common quote is “We don’t like Bitcoin, but we like blockchain the technology behind it”. This is exactly like saying we don’t like the internet, but we like local networks. The problem is that what they are doing is at best making their operations slightly cheaper and more efficient, but their use cases pale in comparison to what it was intended for – decentralized applications for a free world.


Crypto Art is an initiative inspired by the emerging crypto universe. A new world order, always in order, but with no central authority. The art on this site is created by the Mother of Cypherpunk Fantasies,   

Österlen - Sweden

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